If asked what god we follow in this time and culture, I'd say the god of Kindness. Not true kindness that God showed us by dying on the cross to atone for our sins, but "kindness" that avoids offending anyone, at all costs.

What is kindness? Does it come from love? Or indifference?
Mother Teresa said "the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference."

Suppose someone you really love, like your child, has taken up heroin. The more you love the person, the more you would hate the act of him taking heroin, because you know where it leads. Would it be offensive if you told him "stop taking drugs"? No!  You'd want him to stop, so he can be the shining person that he really is.

Likewise, God loves us so much that he hates sin -a lot-, because He knows that sin leads to death. His act of love was to pave a path towards righteousness by faith, so that we can live with Him forever!

Yet how easy it is to stray from the path. The devil is so cunning. Towards the child who has taken up heroin, he would say "who am I to judge you? If it makes you feel good, go ahead" despite knowing full well where that would lead. The devil doesn't care about you. He is utterly indifferent. He'll show you "kindness" by giving you more drugs, and happily receive praise for being kind.

Likewise, are we not confusing kindness with simply giving people what they want? Like divorce, abortion, sodomy, easy money, pre-marital sex, etc. 

Or do we show true kindness like Jesus did and show people the Way, at all cost?