There's a burden on me to share with you the truth. It's not my truth, or something I understand the depth of, or necessarily agree with. No, it's Truth as revealed to us through God. We can't understand God, but He can come to us. And He has.

I'm going to try to explain the gospel to you in a way that you might understand it. It's not actually that important that you understand the gospel, but more important that you ask Jesus what it all means. If you ask with all your heart, He will tell you. Once the Holy Spirit is in you, He will make you see more and more Truth, in a gentle, personal, loving way. But it's a "relationship" as I'm sure you've heard, so it's a daily walk. Once you're saved, you are not always saved. Parable of the Sower will tell you that. 

Anyway, here goes. 

God created the heavens and the earth, like an authour writing a book. We are merely characters in His book. He gave us (and angels) free will.

Now, evil exists because God is good.
(Imagine a blank canvass. This is "nothing". Then put a dot on it. In this picture, two things exist. 1. that which is (dot) and 2. that which is not (plain background part). Existence creates dichotomy. God exists. God is good. Therefore that which is not good exists, which is evil. Anyway...

When Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, sin entered the world, as if the clean white pages of His book suddenly all became blotchy.
So we live in a world where both sin and goodness exist; we just can’t escape it. (We are ALL sinners, no one is purely good.)

God is perfectly Holy and unimaginably powerful - more than the sun. More than a gazillion A-bombs. Utterly pure goodness.
How can a Holy and powerful God entre into an unholy world without obliterating everything that comes into contact with Him?
Sin is the problem. All sin has to be accounted for if God is to reside with us.
Sacrificed blood cleanses sin. It might sound strange, but it’s part of His law.
(More about sacrificed blood. If you look into it, people have done it for ages. Witch-doctors do it, black magicians do it, satanist do it. They do it because it works, to an extent. It creates a portal between realms, amongst others.
All throughout the Bible, God has always said "don't sacrifice to other gods. Don't talk to the dead. Don't do black magic, Don't do devination, etc.) This is because it's real. If we are not talking with God himself, then it's "that which is not God" we are talking to....)
There's a lot to say about this, but basically, blood sacrifice of Jesus forgave our sin, and opened a door (a portal) for us to meet the one and only Good God. This is a miracle.

Back to the Book analogy.
Around 5 B.C. God wrote himself in his book and was born! Fully man, fully God. This is Jesus Christ. He was born for a reason, so that He would die for our sins, being the ultimate blood sacrifice. All our sin was accounted for, once for all.  Now, God can reside with us, and instead of a physical Temple building structure, each Christian body becomes the Temple where God resides.

This Existence is like a fantasy novel but REAL. ..war between good and evil, a selfless Hero, super powers and all sorts of stuff. We can only create from what already exists. Everything that we image comes from Truth. 

Anyway, as I said it doesn't matter too much what you think of all this. The most important thing is you bring it to God. Seek him with all your heart and he will answer you. This is a promise.
Why is all this evil happening? Why would a good God allow this? Do you exist? Anything that is in your heart... ask him! We live in the most amazing saga ever written! May the good Lord be with you. Amen.